Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Services

Welcome to our office in Montclair, NJ where our highest priority is helping individuals to achieve sustained relief from emotional difficulties and reach a greater level of emotional well-being and life satisfaction.

ur experienced board-certified adult psychiatrist, Dr. Anna Rossi, works compassionately and effectively with individuals to develop individualized, goal-directed treatment. Avicenna Medical Center provides a variety of treatment options that may include psychotherapy, psycho-educational sessions, and/or judicious medication management as needed.

Our office currently accepts the following health insurance plans:
  • Aetna
  • Cigna

Our officespace in Montclair was selected and designed to facilitate patient well-being as well. The office is comfortable and there is ample street directly in front if the office.  At Avicenna Medical Center we maintain strict patient confidentiality and offer various appointment times to accommodate patient scheduling needs.

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Avicenna Medical Center
Psychiatric & Psychotherapy Services

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